Fun summer activities in Greensboro

Greensboro is a famous tourist vacation spot. It has lots of interesting sightseeing attractions to offer ranging from theaters and museums to golf courses and spa resorts. If you want an accommodation, then our guide on the best hotels can help you!Here are some of the fun summer activities in Greensboro that will make your vocation memorable.

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Dinner theaters

The Barn Dinner Theater is a one of a kind experience. If you want to experience true Southern style food then you will love the fare here! Provided in buffet style you will find an assortment of dishes – the most popular being the Banana pudding! There is always an interesting show going on which adds to the entertainment quotient. This is one of the best places to take your family! Regarding accommodation, there are many high standard Greensboro NC Hotels that can be within your budget. If you are looking for some nice, high-end luxury staying then, the Four Seasons Sheraton Greensboro is a good choice of accommodation.


The Bog Garden is wonderful because of its sheer abundance of nature and lush green surroundings. There are plenty of shady walkways, wetland landscapes as well as birds and flowers adorning the trees nearby. In fact, the place is just so beautiful that you might feel as though you have visited another place out of earth! If you love gardening or watching birds, then this place is a sure treat for you! Even if you have kids, then this place will provide a nice, interesting experience for them! If you wish to stay somewhere close to the airport, then there are many Greensboro Airport Hotels for your purpose. The Clarion Hotel Greensboro is a great choice for staying because it not only has all modern amenities but also first class comfort.

Spa resorts

Want to get away from the maddening and stressful city life? Well, the Grandover Resort Spa provides you a fabulous, relaxing experience. You can unwind your day and enjoy some of the many relaxing treats they have over here! Perfect treats for tired and stressed out nerves! If you are looking for accommodation nearby, then the O Henry Hotel Greensboro is a good option. The Park Lane Hotel Greensboro NC is also another good choice in terms of staying experiences.

Historical museums

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum features the entire struggle during the civil rights movement. There are many interesting artifacts, pictures as well as collectibles which showcase the important events during this phase. For a nice accommodation, you can select the Biltmore Hotel Greensboro as a staying choice. Marriott Hotel Greensboro is a bit expensive but provides first class amenities and luxury.

Racing tracks

If you love rallying and racing, then the Grand Prix Greensboro is a fabulous place to visit. This place has a vast array of racing suits, racing karts, neck collars, helmets, etc. Thus if you are traveling with friends or colleagues, then you can enjoy an entire day of racing action here. The Greensboro Coliseum Hotels are a good choice regarding accommodation. Even the Grandover Hotel Greensboro is a great option.

Putting all those factors in consideration, then be sure to have fun summer activities in Greensboro and get to account for every penny you spend.

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